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Manifesting the aligned joint reality through inner leadership

November 2022
Perfectionist, passionate natural leaders

Over the past few weeks, our attention has been drawn to the perfectionist, passionate natural leaders who rely on executors to bring the perfect joint creation they envision to the world.
In the public domain you will find them in the House of Representatives (Khadija Arib), in the media world (Matthijs van Nieuwkerk) and at the climate summit (Rob Jetten and Frans Timmermans). But I also see them in my news feed on Facebook and I am one myself.

If the executers do not have the same passion and perfectionism as the natural leader, things can go wrong. The natural leader becomes frustrated because manifesting the optimally aligned collaborative creation had failed, and the executers feel pressured because they have done their utmost.

A good friend expressed his frustration nicely:
“If you, like me, want to move forward and try to achieve something in work that you believe in and more importantly what you enjoy doing, you really want to do it even better then before.
If you then have the feeling that you run into walls of solid concrete, it is very demotivating. Especially if you have the expectation and the hope that others will help you to make something possible.”

Natural leaders can be found everywhere within a society and not just in leadership positions. However, the natural leaders in leadership positions are the ones who get into the news when things go wrong. This is because in those cases a power inequality exists that can easily lead to unacceptable behavior by abusing the position of power.
However, power inequality and abuse of power do not play any role in the creation process.
What then is going on?

The female and male creative forces,
receiving internally and manifesting outwardly

The natural creation process is divided into sub-processes. The two most important are "receiving and developing in the mind" and "manifesting in solid form". The first is an inward-looking process and the second an outward-looking process.
These processes can be integrated into one person, who both receives and manifests, and acts as it's own leader through inner leadership. However, the processes can also be distributed over several people. This situation calls for a natural leader in order to be able to manifest the best possible joint creation.

At this point in evolution, those who either receive or manifest are still in the majority. Some of them work with one of the creation processes, but there are also people who are not in contact with these natural processes at all. However, the number of people who have united the two creation processes in themselves is increasing, resulting in more and more people who work together from inner leadership.

Communication and coördination

In all cases, the joint creation comes about through cooperation with others. Communication and coordination are required to manifest the aligned creation. Everyone can only manifest their own part of the creation, but all parts must be aligned to each other.
The natural leader takes on the coordinating role because he not only has a view of his own part (level of detail), but also of the total joint creation (overview). The natural leader therefore can perceive how each part fits into the whole and what adjustments are needed to manifest the joint creation in the best way possible.
Not all executers have an overview of the total creation. There are even executers who have no insight into their own part of the whole. And this also applies to people in a leading position (of power), who often have their own idea of ​​what needs to be manifested.
This makes the role of the natural leader complex, whether from a leadership or executive position in society.

Creating together through inner leadership

If all those involved start working together from inner leadership to manifest an aligned joint creation, a completely new dynamic will arise.

The natural leader then receives an initial idea about the collective creation that wants to be manifested. This first idea is communicated even before the natural leader has a full picture of what exactly this idea entails and what creation wants to emerge. As a result, this idea is received in its purest form by all other people involved in the joint creation. Everyone involved, including the natural leader, then connects with the original idea and goes on to develop it further for themselves. They ask themselves: What is my part in this creation? What exactly wants to manifest? Where? In what form? What do I need for that? Am I playing a part in this creation? Am I the right person? Can I do it? What does my input add?

The natural leader communicates the overarching idea, which becomes increasingly clear as time goes by. Coordination is limited to what applies to everyone, such as setting the date the creation wants to manifest and sharing supporting information people might need to manifest their part of the creation.
The natural leader oversees the collective creation in which all individual creations are embedded. He or she maintains, as it were, the creative space in which the joint creation and all individual creations can develop and ensures the communication and coordination of all perspectives. Until the creation is ready to be manifested at the right time in a concerted, inwardly coordinated action.

A wonderful example of this way of working together is the gathering of '1000 women' on Mount Moses in Sinai on November 8, 2022 during the COP27 climate summit in Sharm-el-Sheikh. This joint, aligned creation was initiated by Ton van der Kroon and Anne Wislez.
Ton and Anne have jointly taken on the natural leadership in this creation, both functioning from an individual inner leadership.
In the end, a little less then 100 women and men gathered on or around Mount Moses, supplemented by a few thousand more people all around the world who tuned into them.
If you want to know more about working together through inner leadership, take a look at the Facebook group 'Sinai 22'.

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