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Feeling the difference between the gentle push of your own lifestream
and the force of outside influences

February 2024

January started off with a flying start for me. I was pushed from within to take action, after my life had been dragging along at a low ebb for years. My lifestream gave me a push, giving me the energy to form exactly those possibilities that are aligned to myself, others and life as a whole.

But at the same time as the coordinated actions from within, I was also confronted with outside forces that tried to influence me to change something in my intended action, which would cause me to take non-coordinated action.

For example, I was pushed to place an advertisement on Facebook to attract new clients. I had done that before in the past with excellent results. But in the meantime, a lot of things had changed in the ad management program. I had to redefine what exactly I wanted to achieve with that ad. I thought it would be a good idea to reach as many people as possible in my target group who would also respond to my advertisement.
To my surprise, I received two particularly negative reactions on the first day. The next day I got 'likes' from people who were not in my target group at all! Huh? They were all people (or profiles) with thousands of 'friends'. When a profile came along with 4,999 'friends' (the maximum) that clearly looked like a fake profile, I stopped the ad. Facebook's AI showed my ad to profiles that 'liked' ads because it turned out to be a fruitful way for them to attract a lot of people within their sphere of influence.
After a night's sleep and thinking about the situation, I knew what was going on there and what to do about it. I made a copy of the ad, carefully defined my target group and indicated that my ad should be shown to people who were likely to take up on my offer. And that went well!

But the infringement by fake profiles on the ad placement policies wasn't the only outside force trying to take advantage of my presence on Facebook.
For example, through a comment I had placed on a post from one of my contacts, I received a request from an unknown person (or chatbot, who knows) to add that person as a 'friend', because it would be very rude of him to send me an unsolicited request. The funny thing was that a little later I came across exactly the same text in a different language. I also received a fake contact request from someone I was already in contact with. Furthermore, I was immediately blocked by someone who I wanted to protect from future misery and who clearly had not understood my message. And twice I received a fake email on my Facebook business account with the comment that if I did not click on the link in the message, my account would be blocked because I would have violated copyright.
This last misleading activity also had a side effect: it disrupted and 'infected' my chat program for auto-reply.

The new advertisement soon gave results, but this turned out to be just a challenge for me to clearly indicate what I stand for. Instead of going along with what the client asked of me because after all I can do that too, I clearly explained the difference (also to myself!) between what the client asked of me and what I deliver.

Around full moon I felt a restless energy in and around me. It also gave me troubled thoughts. I thought I needed to change something in the ad, but when I tried, nothing worked out. I decided to 'collect myself' for a moment by sitting with my eyes closed and focusing my attention inward, but before I knew it my thoughts were flying in all directions and I felt the restless energy swarming in and around me.
Then I decided to gain clarity by having a conversation with my wiser self. By writing, because then I can focus better on that inner conversation.
And that worked:
“Has anything changed since yesterday?”
“No, but it is a full moon.”
“Okay, does the moon energy make me so restless?”
“Without me having to do or change anything?”
“Yes, exactly! Restless energy does not mean that anything (different) is required of you. It means that the energy is restless, chaotic and busy. The energy around you. It can also encourage other people to take action. You only have to 'consume' this energy, take it in and neutralize it so that you can feel your own energy and energy flow again. Restless energy is therefore not about your energy, but about the energy in the outside world.”
“Thank you!”

Oh yes, of course! It's all so logical and simple from a multi-dimensional perspective.
But when the human part of yourself is immersed in the chaotic energy of physical reality, you no longer see things very well.
And then it is important to realize that and re-establish the connection with your total being before you take your next step on your life path.

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