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How conscious are you of your aura?

June 2017

I think everyone has heard of the phenomenon aura.
But did you know that your aura plays a huge role in your relationships with other people?

In this article I explain exactly what your aura does and what it means for the experiences in your life if you unconsciously or consciously influence the functioning of your aura. And how you can ensure that your aura functions optimally so that you can live your best possible life.

Source of Information

Your aura plays an important role in interacting with other people.
You exchange information through your aura.
With this information you know who the other is. You then know whether the other person is playing a role in shaping your best possible life or whether they are just a passerby. You then know what the best way is to interact with the other person. And vice versa, the other knows exactly what he or she has in you.


This information arises because the auras overlap, causing interference, just like with circles in the water.
Some information reinforces each other, some information cancels each other out and other information changes nothing. This gives you new information that you can use to assess what the other person can do for your life and you can adjust your action accordingly.
This usually happens on a subconscious level.

Your aura transmits who you are

Your aura is the (electric) field that is created by the vibration of the particles of which you are composed.
Each particle vibrates in a certain way, creating a certain wave around the particle. This wave therefore provides information about that specific particle.
All particles together form a certain wave pattern, your aura.


By itself, your aura is not that strong. It is a weak electric field.
However, your aura is strengthened through your chakras, allowing the information to extend far beyond your body.
Your chakras ensure that your wave pattern, and with it the information about who you are, is sent out into the world, allowing people to interact with you based on who you are.

When your aura comes into contact with the auras of others, not only interference but also resonance arises in your chakras through which you can perceive the interference pattern. The new wave pattern, which was created by the interference, comes back to you as an echo.
This will bring your chakras into vibration in a new way. This allows you to 'read' the combined information, interpret it and include it in your choice process, after which you can act in the right way to shape your best possible life.

Disruption in information processing

Blocks in the chakras

The information received remains in the chakras until it is processed.
Unprocessed information which are stored in the chakras, because the information could not be understood at the time, forms a distorting filter that prevents the new information from being properly received and interpreted.
You cannot then respond to the other in the right way because you 'see' the other through the colored glasses of previous misunderstood experiences. These blocks are an obstacle to shaping your best possible life.

It is very important that this information is processed so that these blockages are lifted. Only when all information has been processed and the associated energy has been drained, the chakras can rotate pure and at the highest speed again.
As a result, there is no more distortion. Not with the message you send out, nor with the message you receive.
Only then can you, together with others, create the life that exactly suits you and your place within life as a whole; your best possible life.

Influencing your aura unconsciously or consciously

Radiating your aura is normally an unconscious process. The particles that you are made of, move in a certain way, creating a wave around them that expands outwards until all the energy is gone, causing the wave to die out.
The waves meet and together form a wave pattern.
The chakras amplify this wave pattern around you outwardly. There your aura meets the auras of others with which it interferes so that the new pattern comes back into your chakras and resonates there in a certain way.
But just like with your breathing and your heartbeat, you can influence your radiance with your mind (your active consciousness). This is based on certain beliefs.

For example, you can limit the radiation of your aura (keep it inside).
For example, because you think that the space that your aura occupies can no longer be occupied by others and because you want to give them space.
Or because you think that others don't appreciate your presence in space, don't appreciate you for who you really are.
Or because people want things from you because your aura feels so nice. Things you don't want.
Or because you cannot tolerate the resonance in your chakras. For example, because you experience it as a dissonance or as an unwanted interference from the outside world in your inner world (your personal reality).

You may also think that the new wave pattern can change you. That your particles will form to the new vibrational pattern. However, this is impossible, because the aura is the echo of how your particles vibrate and not the cause.
Everything you are not, all misunderstood experiences, everything you have attracted to yourself and built on top of yourself as a kind of shield or disguise (image) to the outside world as survival mechanism, yes, those particles can indeed be set in motion by the aura of the other. This will draw your attention to it and you can start processing and cleaning it up, so that you change (read: get closer to your true self).
This is a necessary part of the process of clearing the misunderstood information in your chakra system. In this way we help each other to become and radiate your pure self.

Keeping your aura inside seems very safe, but it isn't. You therefore miss information and have to make do with what others show you on the outside. However, what you see can be very misleading, because these people try to hide all kinds of things about themselves and/or pretend to be different than they are. (Again from all kinds of convictions.)
By keeping your aura inside you open the possibility to be manipulated and abused.
Moreover, people can come directly to you (they sit on your skin) and you experience a pulling and pushing without seeing it coming and without understanding what the other person wants from you or why they want it. You don't have time to process the information and then act. You respond immediately and usually not in the best possible way.

Instead of keeping your aura inside you can also let it flow throughout the world, or even throughout the Universe.
There is usually a belief behind this that we are all one or that the other is a part of you and that you as an exceptional individual actually do not exist.
You are then not a unique expression of that whole, but you bring the whole out in an oversimplified manner.
What happens then is that you not only bring out the pattern of your vibrating particles, but that of the whole world or that of the people you have connected with through your aura.
The other person is then, as it were, an extension of you and that causes the necessary problems.

Do you not feel seen?
Then you keep your aura inside or you spread it too far.
In order to be seen, the boundary
between you and the others must be clear
and information must be exchanged.

You also bring out all rejected documents of that other person. That can cause the other person to accuse you of character traits that you don't possess or of behavior that doesn't belong to you and you will be rejected for that (just like the other had previously rejected all those pieces in themselves). You then become a 'bad' person in the eyes of the other person.
And because you bring the vibrational pattern of that other person from the inside out, there is going to be interference on the outside. You no longer know what is yours and what is the other's. And the other cannot perceive that either. This makes it impossible to shape your best possible life together with others.

Be aware of your aura!

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