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Higher skills for guarding the intrinsic cohesion of life

June 2016

In order to shape a higher level of existence, we need new skills.

In the previous plane of existence we could experience what it was like to be an individual human being who is isolated from the rest of life.
In the new, higher, level of existence we can experience what it will be like when our individual life is a working part of a life in which all individual lives are attuned to each other.

We have the same materials at our disposal to shape the new reality as those we used to shape the old reality. Nothing has changed in that.
What we have changed is our perspective on life.
At first we saw no connection between our own lives and life as a whole. Now we can see that connection.
Life hasn't changed. Our view of that life has changed.

Because we saw no connection, we have created a physical reality that does not take the intrinsic connection that life has into account.
This has created a misalignment between the outer reality that we have created from our limited human perspective and the inner coherence of life that is there, has always been there and always will be there.

We use our bodies to shape our reality with the materials that are at our disposal. For this, our body has possibilities that we can develop into skills, such as walking, jumping, crawling, grasping, turning, bending, looking, seeing, thinking, interpreting, analyzing and so on.

To shape reality from a human perspective, we didn't need skills that would allow us to guard the intrinsic coherence of life in creating our lives and creating a society that supports our individual lives.
In order to shape our new, all-connected, individual lives and the new, all-connected, society, we do need those skills.

Fortunately, the evolution of our bodies anticipate the growth of our consciousness. Possibilities to develop these skills were added to our bodies quite some time ago.
We have already started using these skills, but from our limited human perspective.
Through our perspective of separateness, we have come to use these skills, which are intended to guard the intrinsic coherence of life, in such a way that we can also shape that coherence in physical reality, to separate ourselves from others.

We are now aware of the fact that the physical reality we create from a human perspective deviates from the intrinsic coherence of that life. But now we must first develop the skills we need to reconcile physical reality with the intrinsic reality, learning to apply it in the right way in order to actually be able to create that physical reality.
If we continue to use the skills the way we have learned them, we will maintain a separate physical reality from the rest of life.

I will be discussing the individual skills in the near future, showing how they were used to create separation and how they can be applied appropriately to create unity.

The first higher skill I will discuss is: Duality as a 'tool'.

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