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Manifestation - Your ideas and plans lead to success
The fruits of your work become visible

September 2015

You might recognize this.
You see an opportunity to realize growth.
Full of enthusiasm and energy you set to work to give shape to that possibility.
And then suddenly you can't go any further.
The energy in the path you followed is gone.
The path is no longer lit.

This has everything to do with freedom of choice.
The people you could shape that path with made a different choice.
They did not seize the opportunity for growth you offered them.
Apparently they are not ready yet and want to leave everything as it was for a while.

Be prepared for the moment when people choose growth

You had prepared for the possibility that these people would choose for growth.
You were ready to support them.
When you shape your best possible future, you are always prepared for the possibility that someone will choose the path of growth.

Looking ahead gives you the opportunity to shape the best possible future.
For yourself, the whole and for others if they so choose.

It becomes visible that you are realizing real growth

If you go through life like this, it becomes clear that you make real growth possible.
As a result, people go with you on the path that you indicate and have prepared.
True growth is building on what you have experienced and learned. Integrate what you have learned into your life. So that you can gain new experiences with it.
Instead of creating more of the same. And keep running the same circles.

When the path to real growth is visible, the choice becomes easy.

Learn to deal with the freedom of choice of others

These start/stop moves can be quite discouraging.
Especially if you've already experienced it a few times.
It can make you adopt a wait-and-see attitude.
But the promising future will surely go out like a night candle.
Because you are not prepared if someone actually makes the choice to shape the path to growth together with you. You will first have to switch to an active posture. Only then can you start shaping the path to growth, together with the other(s).

If you know how it works, you can just go with the flow full of enthusiasm.
Until it stops again.

Preparatory inner work

A lot of inner work preceded this start/stop phase.
This work was not visible to the eye of the outside world.
What have you been up to?

  • Developing your unique talents into a specialism.
  • Researching in which situations and with which people your talents can add the most value.
  • Making space for your new life. by aligning your old life and the lives of the people around you with your path by putting them on their own path.
  • You delved into your life plan, the network of potential realistic possibilities.
  • Determining your best possible route through life. And follow that.
  • Determining the best possible future for yourself, others and life as a whole.
    And preparing that future.
  • Developing your ideas into concrete plans and you did the preparatory work necessary to actually implement those plans at the right time together with the right people.

The fruits of that work are now becoming visible to others.
This preparatory inner work provides the fruits that you can harvest later.

Your success does not come to you; you have created it carefully.

You are on the right track. It is only a matter of time.

You know the dynamics of life. You know that everyone's choices influence the possibilities to shape the future.
You also know the coherence of life. And you know that if you take your place in the whole, the possible future that goes with it will actually come. You just don't know when and what it will look like.

However, time is not a factor here.
There are several moments when people can make the choice for growth.

When the time is up, there's only one option left:
achieve real growth.

Stay confident in yourself, your talents, your ideas and plans.
That will become easier for you once your new life begins to manifest.

Don't doubt yourself.

As long as the desired future has not yet been realized and the people around you continue to indicate that they want to leave everything as it was or even want to go back to the old situation, there is room for doubt.
Doubt about yourself, about your talents, about your choices, about your vision of the future, about the coherence of life, about your ideas, your concrete plans, your approach, your actions, whether it is not too burdensome for others to let them follow their path so that you can follow your path, or whether your real needs are met in time when the desired future is continually postponed by the choices of others.

The people around you, whom you have aligned with your path by aligning them with their own path, may also make you doubt. By putting pressure on you to get you to do things again (or leave things) so that everything goes back to the way it was.

If you allow yourself to be carried away by this doubt and give in to the pressure that people put on you and go along with the choices of others by adjusting your plans and approach, you will lose your way again and it will take even longer for the desired future to manifest.

It remains important to continue on your path to real growth and to resist the pressure of the existing world to leave everything as it is.
That pressure continues to come as long as others have the opportunity to deny the best possible realistic future and as long as there is room in your mind for doubt.

From September, those possibilities and the room for doubt will become smaller and smaller, as the future you have worked so long and persistently towards will gradually take shape.

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