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Crisis, the emergency brake of our self-healing capacity

April 2020

The world is in crisis and as a result many people get into a personal crisis.
A crisis tells us that our way of life cannot last. Our lives are so out of balance that we have reached the extreme limit of our natural possibilities for recovery.
The elastic band cannot be stretched any further. The natural brake kicks in.

The global crisis shows that our way of life is an attack on the recovering capacity of our body. The people whose body no longer has the means to recover, die. Other people come to see that the self-healing ability of the body is very important and should therefore be cherished.

But the economic system cannot withstand this crisis either. The economy has stalled. This suddenly makes the self-healing capacity of nature visible. When the economy is running at full throttle, neither nature nor our bodies can do their restorative work. We don't allow ourselves time to repair the damage we have caused with our way of life. We go on and on with our nature-damaging lifestyle, inflicting damage upon damage.

A crisis forces you to take a time-out and to evaluate whether the way you have organized your life is the best for yourself and those around you.

It teaches us 2 things:

Is there something wrong in your life? If so, how are you going to change that permanently?

There are already quite a few people who have already fully gone through this personal life-changing crisis.
I am one of them and I am ready to support you in your change process.

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