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2020, time for an evaluation:
where are we on our route to a higher plane of existence?

January 2020

In order to bring society to a higher level of existence, it is necessary to carry out your life plan by manifesting the life path of your choice.
This is necessary because your life plan is attuned to all life so everyone can shape the life that completely suits who each person in essence is.
You cannot do that attunement from a human level, because from that consciousness you have no view of the quantum reality in which the unity and cohesion of life is visible. This attunement takes place on a higher level of awareness of the multidimensional, composite whole that you are.

When creating the old society, at a lower level of existence, the life plans were completely abandoned and it became impossible for people to manifest their life path.
(There were several reasons for this that I won't go into now.)
As a result, life in physical reality lost its coherence.

The old society has been shaped through structured thought forms which determine people's thoughts, behavior, choices and actions.
In the collective consciousness of humans a large number of complex, closed thought forms have arisen, which ensures that everyone behaves in such a way that the desired society is created.
If you think certain thoughts, then you get sucked into such a thought form and then you unconsciously participate in the manifestation of that society.
You are then, as it were, no longer yourself, but you play a role. Different roles can be recognized within the thought forms. The role of subordinate and that of superior, for example, which can degenerate into the roles of victim and ruler to cite another example.

Since December 2004 (after I have been 'called'), in addition to designing the necessary structures to be able to manifest society at a higher level of existence, I have been involved in changing said thought forms. As a result, everyone can step out of these structures, by connecting with the higher consciousness layers of themselves and then being able to manifest their own life path.
I have, as it were, created new choices in the thought forms. The choice to step out of the structure is secured, which means that you can step out of it, but you cannot be sucked back into it.

It took me five years to adjust the power system I was in.
In January 2010 we were therefore able to collectively, as humanity as a whole, make a new choice. We were able to determine our first joint course.
It was a major change of course that meant that many of us suddenly (and often in an unfriendly way) had to take a completely different path. It was a real break with the way your life was going before. Maybe you recognize it.

Now that it was possible to shape your own life path despite the power structure, a new possibility had arisen for our collective route.
In the past, destroying the existing reality was the only way to make room for a new reality on a higher plane of existence. Now we also had the choice to create a new reality from the existing reality.
This has a number of advantages.
No new traumas are added to our collective subconscious, we don't have to build everything from scratch, but we can build on the good foundations of the old reality, and we can harness the value that is built up in the old reality.
It is the quickest route to a society on a higher plane of existence.

But there are also the necessary challenges.
In this way, our new road cuts through the old society.
That is a challenge because the thought forms that sustain this society aim to exclude people from following their life path if they are not willing to play a certain role.
You are constantly challenged to stay true to yourself and to consciously make your own choices. This can be difficult because the thought forms respond to painful experiences that we still carry with us and have not yet processed.

The old society also facilitates a lot of people who live in fear. When transforming into a new society, these people must be taken into account by offering them security of existence.

Furthermore, people have appropriated (particles) matter (money, resources, stuff), which are naturally connected to others at the quantum level. A rearrangement of matter will have to take place, so that everyone can freely dispose of the matter that is needed to manifest their own, attuned life path.
Because some people feel that they have a right to certain matter that they have appropriated and because they fear that they themselves will not be able to generate sufficient livelihoods, it is quite a challenge to assign the matter to everyone in the right way.
Again, it is important to soothe the underlying fear by offering these people sufficient security of existence.

In the past 10 years we have found solutions to the above challenges.

What's next?
When I look at myself, I see that there is nothing that consciously wants to pull me off my path. I may still have some small habits that make me give in to what others want from me, but then my body warns that I have done, or planned to do, something that is not in my path. It means nothing compared to before.
I can now follow my life path unimpeded.

How does my individual and our collective life path go? I honestly can't say anything about that. In the past, everything turned out differently than I thought before.
We'll see what 2020 has in store for us!

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