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Effective pain relief through a multidimensional approach

January 2019

Pain. We all know it.
Physical pain, emotional pain, psychological pain, soul pain, the pain of rejection, the pain of lack (phantom pain), ...

Most people know that pain is indicated by our body and how our brains and nerves play a role in it.
But there is also an energetic aspect to pain that is less well known.
The pain can be greatly reduced or even disappear completely if this energetic aspect is addressed.

In this article I want to talk about the question:
"What is pain if we look at it on an energetic level?"

The cause of pain

Pain is a direct result of damage you incur during your lifetime.

Pain is usually an indication that the way you live your life is not in accordance with the life that suits you and your body. You are using abilities for which you are not equipped, or you are using your abilities in the wrong way.
As a result, your body is loaded incorrectly or too heavily. Or too light, which prevents it from developing properly.

What happens if you get damaged?

The body's self-healing capacity

If you sustain damage, this is (usually) accompanied by pain. This pain signal prompts your body to start repairing the damaged area.
This releases energy. For example in the form of heat due to inflammatory reactions.
If the energy can flow through your body unimpeded, then that energy is dissipated again and the damage can be properly repaired. When the pain is gone, the body stops the repairing activities.

The development of chronic pain

However, if the flow in your body is blocked, the energy cannot escape, causing it to accumulate. This creates pressure and then pain.
You will continue to feel pain, even if the damage has long since been repaired.

Your body sees this pain again as a signal that something needs to be repaired and starts repairing the area where the pain signal comes from.
But there is nothing left to repair, because nothing is damaged anymore!
The inflammatory reactions that the pain provokes can actually damage your body.
The pain becomes chronic.

Restoring the energy flow and the self-healing ability

That is why it is important that the energy can flow properly through your body.
An Energy Therapist is a specialist in this field. Such a expert can improve the flow of your body and remove the accumulated energy.
The false pain signal disappears. The body can now react to the actual condition of the affected area.
If the problem is already solved, the body stops with the repair actions.
The inflammation disappears.
If the area is still damaged, the real pain signal comes through again and the body can start repairing the spot. And because the flow in your body has been restored, the energy released is immediately drained.

The above shows that damage to the body does not lead to a poor energy flow. The flow is already blocked.
This means that the cause of the blocked energy flow must lie elsewhere.

The impact of misunderstood events

The energy of thoughts, open questions and beliefs

The cause of accumulated energy that hinders the flow can be found in what you have experienced in your life. And especially in events that you do not understand.
Events in your childhood, for example. But also events from past lives.

The energy of these events remains in your system until you understand and process them. In order to move on with your life, you try to find an explanation of what happened. This statement becomes a firm belief that affects the course of your life because the belief determines your choices.

Experiences and beliefs are thoughts. Thoughts are energy. Unprocessed experiences and firm beliefs are accumulated energy that hinders the flow of energy in some way.

Life Coaching and Healing

A Healer is a specialist in 'reading' and manipulating energy. Such an expert can read the blocked energy and show the event from various perspectives. This makes additional information about the event available. Through the Life Coach, who is a specialist in how to live your best possible life, the event can now be fully understood. You see what your own part was in what happened and what the part of others was. You now know where you could have done things differently and where you had no influence whatsoever. The question marks disappear and the energy can be released or cleared.

The Healer also can make the common thread visible between successive events and between events and certain physical complaints and/or beliefs.
This also allows the past to be healed. In addition, the healer can show where the life course (the life as you have lived it) deviates from the life path (the life that suits you best). With the help of this information, the Life Coach can give the right directions so that you can start following your life path from now on.

The energy now flows well through your body, allowing your body to heal.
Your old life is finished and your new life is before you.


Excess energy can be removed with only energetic therapy. but not the blockage that caused the energy build-up. The pain will come back.
If you tackle the cause, the pain can disappear forever.
That is why I combine energetic therapy with life coaching and healing in my treatments.

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