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The inner energy transition: from conflict energy to life energy

September 2022
The energy crisis shows us where we stand in the inner energy transition

The symbolism of the energy transition

On our joint path to a reality that reflects the unity of life, we encounter quite a few challenges.
One of those challenges is to phase out the use (or rather: abuse) of each other as an energy source by artificially building up tension and detonating it (conflict energy). And re-using the natural energy of the coherent particles of matter flowing through us from the future to manifest our lives (life energy).

I am talking about the inner energy transition and not about inventing new ways and devices to generate energy. This inner transition is possibly even more complicated than the transition from fossil fuels to energy that is freely available in nature and does not run out or change when we use it.
However, the outer transition does symbolize the inner transition.
And that is useful, because it allows us to better understand what is happening inside and what is required of us to be able to bring about this change.

Generating conflict energy

The current energy crisis is a direct result of Russia's aggression towards Ukraine.
That aggression was intended to generate conflict energy by building tension. Tension between Russia and Ukraine, but also between Russia and America, Europe, NATO, the UN.
None of the parties knows how to channel this deliberately build up tension.
How to ground this tension so that it drains into the earth.
No, it erupts, causing a chain reaction, releasing a constant flow of conflict energy toward Russia, while draining Ukraine and the other parties.
All efforts to end this conflict are aimed at stopping Russia's aggression. Through diplomatic consultations, through supporting Ukraine with means to defend itself against Russian aggression, or through the imposition of sanctions. And there lies the problem, because this acts like fuel to the fire, exacerbating the conflict and directing more conflict energy to Russia, at the expense of the energy in Ukraine and the countries that are interfering in the conflict in an attempt to stop it.

It becomes clear that Russia is interested in Ukraine's (life) energy when Ukraine's largest nuclear power plant is taken over by Russia. This nuclear power plant supplies 20% of the required energy to Ukrainian households and companies.
After the power plant was seized, Russia attempted to divert energy from Ukraine to Russia. This failed, but the power to Ukraine was disconnected. As a result, the power plant no longer supplies electricity to anyone.

The only purpose of diverting nuclear energy from Ukraine to Russia was to ensure that Ukraine could no longer use this energy. His own population, the citizens of Russia, are also not getting gas from Putin. Only 30% of households are connected to the gas network. And surprisingly, Putin also prefers not to supply gas to the other countries that used to be dominated by the Soviet Union.
Gas is therefore not intended to ensure that his own population, and those of related countries, can lead a good life. No, gas is intended as a source of income for Putin. So that he can bathe in luxury, without having to fear resistance from the population. (Because they don't have the energy for that anymore. They need all their energy to keep themselves warm in the frigid winters.)

The battle for the nuclear power plant is also being used to perpetuate the conflict. But this has created a dangerous situation that could have serious consequences for the people of Ukraine, Russia and countries for miles around, such as Europe.
It is clear that with generating conflict energy the coherence of all lives is not taken into account.

Switching to survival mode because of an energy shortage

The oil boycott, which was intended to exhaust Putin's war chest, has actually filled that cash. Because oil became (artificially) scarce, the prices skyrocketed. Putin is staying warm and comfortable, while the people of Ukraine and Russia and much of the rest of the world are left out in the cold. As a result, European countries have started hoarding gas and using nuclear power stations to prevent their populations from freezing to death or starving to death in the coming winter (because the sky-high gas prices mean that money is no longer available for food).
The (external) energy transition is currently on the back burner. Survival is now top priority.
That is why we will continue for a while to use energy sources that pose a risk to the quality of life on Earth.

Through the mechanism for generating conflict energy, the world has gone into survival mode at government level. The energy transition has virtually come to a standstill. And that has a major impact on the standard of living of the population.
At least at government level, no one seems to be working with the life energy.

Why have we moved worldwide from life energy to conflict energy?

The inner energy transition

The mechanism for generating conflict energy is now clearly visible.
It works in all walks of life, wherever people want to create a shared life while thinking differently about what that shared life should look like. But as long as it takes place between individuals, in families for example, or in the workplace, it is not very visible to outsiders.
Now that the mechanism is working between countries, it can be well studied. This will allow us to find a way to break the vicious circle that causes us to switch en masse to conflict energy.
The beginning of the inner energy transition, back to using life energy.

Where do we come from and where are we going?

In order to properly understand the inner energy transition, I must first explain where we come from and where we are going to.

We are coming from a phase in Earth's evolution where we as humans thought we were separate from life as a whole. We tried to organize our lives in such a way that we had the best chance of surviving as individuals.
This phase was necessary to be able to understand who we are as individuals and how we influence the quality of the lives of others and vice versa.
It was a preparation for the coming evolutionary phase, in which we will shape our individual and collective lives in relation to the lives of others according to the inner coherence that life has by nature.

The difference in required energy between flowing with the life stream and going your own way

Shaping your life according to the inner coherence of life takes little energy, because the particles of matter that make up our life naturally forms around us. You then make use of the natural energy (life force) that is present in the stream of particles of matter that flows through you (the life stream).

However, in order to be able to shape a life that deviates from the natural order of the particles in the life stream, a lot of (physical) strength and energy is needed. You then have to move the particles of matter yourself to the position where you want them at a certain moment. In order to do that, you must exert a force on the particles that is greater than the natural attraction between those particles and the place and time at which they would naturally manifest.

Generating energy to attract matter to you at the expense of others

You can go your own way by pushing yourself off against your life path. You then move off your life path. But with that you also step out of the stream of particles of matter that are at your disposal to form a life in alignment with others. You will therefore have to find new material to form your deviant life. This can be done, for example, by making others give you the matter that is available to them or by appropriating that matter.

In order to be able to form your own life according to your own idea, without taking into account the inner coherence of life, it is best to push yourself off against someone who moves with the flow of life. The unexpected force of pushing off pushes the other person out of the life stream, releasing that person's particles of matter. By pushing yourself off you have generated enough energy to attract those particles to you.
That person is then forced to form a deviant life for which energy has to be generated in an artificial way.
This mechanism causes more and more people to be pulled or pushed out of the life stream, further disrupting the cohesion of life in physical reality.
The mechanism of generating conflict energy appears to be an effective way of obtaining the desired matter and generating the energy needed to manifest a life that deviates from the inner coherence of life.

The natural reflex of wanting to create order out of chaos

Because someone pushes against you, you get out of balance and the natural order of the particles of matter available to you is disturbed. The particles swarm chaotically around and through you. That gives you a very restless feeling and that is why you want to calm the particles as quickly as possible and restore balance.

A logical response is to focus on the person who has disturbed the balance with his behavior and actions. (As we saw with Putin and Ukraine.) But with that you do exactly what that person needs to form a life that deviates from the inner coherence.
A battle ensues between you and that other person. A battle for your particles of matter. A struggle in which energy is generated to form those particles outside the life stream.
There are no winners in this battle. You lose contact with the life stream and with it your energy and the particles of matter that were meant to form your attuned life. Life as a whole is out of balance.

The 'creation battle' to manifest the best possible joint life for everybody

In a society that is attuned to the inner coherence of life, conflicts also arise. Conflicts about the shape of the joint life. A 'creation struggle' then ensues.
Actually, this is not a struggle, but rather a mutual attunement.
It is already clear then what wants to be manifested through those involved, but not exactly in what form. That depends on personal preferences, which of course differ from person to person.

As long as there is still no agreement, and no final joint choice has been made, the particles of matter involved are still in motion and nothing can be manifested yet. Manifestation is only possible when the definitive place and time for each particle are known. This movement of the particles that are still looking for their final place feels like unrest to the people involved. Due to personal preferences, the particles move alternately from one to the other. This creates a certain tension between them. This tension is the reason to start a 'creation struggle'.

But where a 'creation struggle' within an attuned life leads to the best life for everyone attuned to everyone's preferences, the struggle for going your own way is at the expense of the quality of life of everyone.
It is therefore important that you know when to go into battle and when not to.
Choose your battles wisely. But how do you do that?

Being conscious of when to use your talent of attuning lives

If you don't know that you have a talent yet, you'll automatically deploy it when it's triggered.
Your talent to attune all lives to each other and the inner coherence of life is triggered the moment tension arises between people because the final location of joint particles is not yet known.
However, now that you know that not all tension between people serves to manifest the best life for everyone, you will have to differentiate. With whom do you enter into a creative battle and with whom not.

How do you know that you are competing with someone to manifest the best possible joint life for everyone, or to enable a different life for the other that is at the expense of the quality of life for you, others and life as a whole?

The trigger to enter the battle is the tension that is built up between you and the other person because the joint particles move alternately between the possibilities that you want to manifest and the possibilities that the other wants to manifest.
A creative struggle is about a difference in personal preferences, about the ultimate form of the best possible life for everyone that wants to manifest through those involved.
In a struggle for separation, the quality of your life is at stake because the other wants to create a joint life with and through you that does not suit you at all and in which you are severely limited in your options. You can't win a separation battle. It costs you energy and you help the other create their separate life. So don't go along with that.

In a creation struggle inner tension precedes the outer conflict, while in the separation struggle an outer conflict precedes the inner tension.

Creating the best possible life for everyone without struggle

Drain consciously build up tension

I wrote above: “None of the parties knows how to channel this deliberately build up tension. How to ground the tension so that it drains into the earth."
That is also the immediate solution. Ground the tension and let it drain into the Earth.
You can do that by turning inward and confirming the vertical connection with all layers of yourself and then releasing all the restless energy in your body to the Earth.

Surround yourself again with the particles of matter that are naturally connected to you

With the conscious alignment of all parts of yourself, you place yourself back into the flow with the particles of matter associated and available to you to manifest your physical life in alignment with the lives of others (the life stream).

By draining the tension caused by the tug-of-war about the particles that are connected to you, the particles come to a state of rest again.
This allows you to perceive more clearly what attuned possibilities there are that want to be manifested in the future. And there are probably more possibilities than just those that you and the other person see. You can also see where the various options lead to. Also the possibility that you currently considered 'best' because the other person convinced you that it was really the best option.
You then see everything again from the perspective of the big picture instead of from the limited perspective of you and the other at the moment of the 'battle'.

Only on the basis of this neutral information can you make the right choice and find the right way to coordinate the option that is best for everyone with the other.
Once you decide which of the options out there is the best for everyone, the particles slow down and the energy in the particles increases. This makes it easier for you to do the right things, show the right behavior to manifest the best opportunity for everyone.
The other also feels this and cannot help but move in the right direction, driven by the life energy.

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